Unscented Deodorant = 2 oz

Unscented Deodorant = 2 oz

A 2 oz jar of all natural unscented deodorant that eliminates underarm odor and contains no aluminum

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Mary Ann created this all natural unscented deodorant because other products she used were not effective in controlling odors, caused burning when applied after shaving, and because many of them also contained aluminum-based compounds.  Recent research suggests that applying aluminum to the skin may be linked to serious health hazards and thus should be avoided whenever possible.  This product contains no harmful ingredients and, thanks to aluminum-free bicarbonate of soda,  is very effective at eliminating body odors.  It can be used on sensitive skin areas immediately after shaving with no stinging or other discomfort.

This product has been evaluated by the Environmental Working Group and has received the best possible score in their Skin Deep Database!

Just scoop out a pea-sized amount onto your finger tip and apply to your underarms.

Your skin will love it!
Our Unscented Deodorant is made from the following ingredients.  Click on any ingredient to learn more about it.

Here is a sampling of reviews we've received from real customers who purchased our products either here at MaryAnnsNaturals.com or on Amazon.

From M:
I recently switched to this deodorant after getting frustrated with the poor ingredients in so many others. It shipped quickly and I love her moisturizer as well. It seems to work well enough and I am so happy with the wholesome ingredients (it got a 0 on EWG). The only drawback is having to rub it on with your fingers, but you get used to that. Thanks for a great, healthy product Mary Ann!
From V:
Awesome product, I will never use another deodorant again. Handles the toughest odors naturally instead of with chemicals.
From IR:
 I am naturally pretty stinky (too much info, sorry), but this stuff really held up to July temperatures here in the South.

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