Moisture Cream - 2 oz

Moisture Cream - 2 oz

A 2 oz jar of a luxurious moisturizer that nourishes and replenishes the skin. Made from pure and healthy ingredients  – completely free of alcohol, lanolin and any harsh chemicals or compounds.

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Mary Ann created this wonderful moisturizer because she could not find any existing products that were alcohol-free and non-irritating to her sensitive skin.  After several iterations she hit upon a formulation that is light enough to glide on easily yet rich enough to provide deep nourishment and re-hydration for the skin.  Great for use on your face and also on arms, elbows, knees or most  any other skin area that needs some rejuvenation.

This product has been evaluated by the Environmental Working Group and has received the best possible score in their Skin Deep Database!

Because this moisturizer is a fresh and wholesome product, and contains no preservatives, it has a shelf life of 6 - 7 months depending on the temperature and humidity of your location.  We encourage you to plan on purchasing a fresh jar on a regular basis.

Your skin will love it!


Here are the ingredients you'll find in this lovely moisturizer.  We invite you to compare with the large number of confusing, unpronouncable ingredients found in other products! Click on any ingredient to learn more.


We have both male and female customers who use this moisturizer regularly and report excellent results. Here are a sample of reviews we've received from customers who purchased via Amazon or here on

From A:

I have a dry sensitive skin. I vastly dislike the commercial products that are full of chemicals and perfumes. And even most natural ones are often heavily scented and do not really handle my skin. This one has all organic ingredients that are very fresh so do not need to be masked with any scents and it makes my skin soft and moist, even in this cold weather. It's really wonderful (and I am super picky). It is also very rich and thick so even though the jar is small I can see it would last as long or longer than other products that are bulked up with water and fillers.

 From Allison:

I have dry skin, and I am starting to get fine lines. I wanted a moisturizer the really quenched my skin. This stuff is magic. My skin loves it and just glows. I first tried the eye cream (which I love). I cant see myself buying anything else, this is great stuff!

 From Beth:

I am pleased with Mary Ann’s Natural Facial Cream as I have been very pleased with Mary Ann’s Eye Cream. I use it as a body cream after a shower as it is thick and would be difficult to get coverage on dry skin. It does a good job moisturizing and I love that it is natural and organic.

 From LuLu:

I wanted to wait and review this until I had used it for a month. I put it on after washing my face at night. I already use a very watered down moisturizer because I have super sensitive skin. I tried this on small areas of my face at a time to be careful. It seems greasy on your skin and will not be worked into skin in under 30 minutes, maybe even an hour. So best to do it before bed. However, once your skin as absorbed it it feels great! Has not made me break out AT ALL and that was my biggest fear. Have definitely noticed a difference in my skin, its more glowing and when I wake up it’s very soft. Highly recommend.

 From D:

This facial moisturize is the best I've tried, and love it! My face thanks me for nurturing it, feels and looks smooth and young. I'll buy it again.

 From Lisa:

Really nice face cream. After I put it on my face feels like silk! It takes a while to soak in so may be best for some as a night cream.

 From Gail:

What can I say, it works! My skin doesn't feel dry in the morning. I love the way it smells and it doesn't make my eyes burn like a lot of creams do.

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