3-Pack of Assorted Lip Balm Flavors

3-Pack of Assorted Lip Balm Flavors

Three tubes of lightly-flavored smooth and creamy lip balm:  Peppermint, Orange Vanilla and Lemon Coconut.

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MaryAnn's Naturals lip balms are unlike any that you have used before because they are not stiff and waxy.  They glide on smooth and creamy to keep your lips soft and moist for hours.

Each flavor has been evaluated by the Environmental Working Group and each has received the best possible score in their Skin Deep Database!  


Mary Ann formulates these lip balms from just a small collection of pure, organic ingredients. Click on any ingredient to learn more.

Lemmon Coconut

Orange Vanilla



Here are a sampling of reviews from real customers who purchased on Amazon or here on MaryAnnsNaturals.com.

From A:

Great product, really appreciate the fact that it's made in the USA, organic ingredients, non toxic, smooth on the lips, subtle natural flavor. I will definitely buy it again for the whole family, also strongly recommend it.

 From C:

Wonderful lip balm. Extremely moisturizing and top quality ingredients.

 From Lisa:

Nice product. ... feels soothing on lips.

 From Nancy:

Enough to share with my adult daughters. Great to have on hand when you want to moisturize and add a tiny bit of shine.

 From S:

Great product! The lemon coconut flavor is my favorite, but I like them all.

From Patrick:

I have just short of a dozen partially used lib balm's around the house or medicine cabinet. This is by far the best. It is soft, moist and long lasting. Used it during the winter for skiing. Again long lasting and no chapped lips. The product simply works and is far superior to any of the others I have tried in all aspects. In addition in does not contain all of those strange ingredients that may or may not be harmful.

 From Marissa:

We love this lip balm at our house! Even my husband and kids use it. It's very hydrating to your lips, but you don't find yourself constantly using it, like you do other lip products. It soothes chapped lips without creating a dependency for the product. We love the different flavors. Your lips will feel happy and satisfied after using this lip balm.

 From N:

Very Nice! The flavored lip balms have a great scent without a strong sugary taste, which I appreciate. I love the way it slides on so easily and lasts for a very long time. I also use it at night before I go to bed and my lips feel hydrated when I wake up, not dry and tight like they usually do. I will buy these again!

 From K:

I'm picky about lip balm. Some dry my lips; others make them peel. But I have been pleased with these from Mary Ann's Naturals. They keep my lips soft and moist without being goopy. It is great to wear under lipstick as well. I definitely recommend this brand.

 From M:

Love these!

 From K:

Fantastic product!!! I’m never buying Carmex again!!

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