3-Pack of Unflavored Lip Balm

3-Pack of Unflavored Lip Balm

Three tubes of a light, smooth and creamy lip balm that contains no essential oils.

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Mary Ann's Naturals lip balms are unlike any that you have used before because they are not stiff and waxy.  They glide on smooth and creamy to keep your lips soft and moist for hours.  We created this unflavored variety for our customers who are sensitive to essential oils.  It's made from just just three simple ingredients:

  • Organic sunflower oil
  • Organic extra virgin coconut oil
  • Pure Beeswax

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Mary Ann formulates this lip balm from just a small collection of pure, organic ingredients. Click on any ingredient to learn more.




Here are a sampling of reviews from real customers who purchased on Amazon or here on MaryAnnsNaturals.com.

From Les:

I have a lot of allergies and this is free of the ingredients I react to. I have an extreme allergy to vitamin e which is in everything so it's really hard to find a product without it - but after searching high and low I found this - I also love it because of the minimal ingredients on top of being allergen free. Anyway I have been using this for years and I love it. It goes on silky smooth not tacky at all - it does need to be applied more often than a regular type chapstick but I don't mind that all - works for me!

 From Jennifer:

After reluctantly using Chapstick for over ten years, I finally found an unscented and flavorless natural lip balm! And to my surprise it is absolutely amazing! Perfect in every way. Container is great--cap and adjuster work well. Consistency is perfect in the container and on my lips. It is nice to have a balm I can trust on my kids, and not have a flavor that makes them want to eat it! I bought more for gifts but I am having trouble parting with the extras.

 From H:

I recently purchased 3 different brands of natural lip balms, looking for one that I would really like, that went on smooth and had not "flavor" especially minty or eucalyptus flavor. Mary Ann's Naturals Organic Handcrafted Unscented was the clear winner. I like it much better than Burt's Bees or Butter Balm

 From Linda:

These are perfect for those of us who have sensitive lips. The smoothest, creamiest formula I have ever bought. Ordered the unflavored because anything other than that would irritate and burn my lips. After years of searching for such a product, finally the perfect formula and solution to end chapped, flaky lips. A WINNER!

 From R:

Great lip balm. It's made a big difference. I put it on a couple of times a day and it keeps my lips soft. I love that it's only 3 simple ingredients Organic sunflower oil, Organic extra virgin coconut oil, Pure beeswax.

 From Megan:

I started presenting with many new allergies recently, which forced me to change all products. My “approved” lip balm started causing an allergic reaction. I found this product and decided to try it because it contained just a few ingredients. My lips are looking and feeling much better and I am grateful for that.

 From M:

Prior to purchasing this lip balm, I had been looking nonstop for a lip balm that doesn't irritate my skin. I've tried multiple brands over the last few months and this has been the only thing that hasn't further exacerbated my allergies. If you are looking for something natural (without irritating chemicals) that goes on smooth I recommend you give it a try. I will be purchasing more!

 From K:

1st time using this brand of lip balm and I love it, received it quickly and will buy again.

 From L:

Love it! Stays moist for a long time, but not greasy and no disgusting flavor...just wonderful!

 From S:

Perfect lip balm for sensitive skin and nose. No artificial flavors or scents. Glides on smoothly. Feels wonderful.

 From K:

Great lip balm. I prefer to use lip balm with no fragrance or other added junk. This one is perfect and is nice and silky. It stays on and last a good while. I also where it to bed and I wake up with nice soft lips. It is particularly helpful in the dry winter months.

 From A:

It’s soy free and keeps my lips moisturized!

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