Eye Cream - 1 oz

Eye Cream - 1 oz

An effective, chemical-free eye cream for people with sensitive skin

1 oz jar

  • Soothes puffy eyes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles while promoting a healthy, natural glow
  • Gently rejuvenates, softens, nourishes and restores the sensitive area around your eyes, and also makes a wonderful facial moisturizer
  • Made from pure organic ingredients - no chemicals, no parabens, no GMO's. Soy free, gluten free.
  • Received the best possible score in their Skin Deep Database!
  • Handcrafted personally by Mary Ann in Oregon's Willamette Valley. 

Regular use of this product will sooth puffy eyes, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and leave your skin feeling soft, supple and fully hydrated. It can be safely used anywhere that needs a little nourishing attention. Many of our customers enjoy using this product as an overall moisturizer, applying it prior to their makeup in the morning and again in the evening before retiring.

Apply at night and, if extra rejuvination is needed, also in the morning. Allow 15 minutes or more for your skin to fully absorb these nourishing ingredients.

Because this eye cream is a fresh and wholesome product, and contains no preservatives, it has a shelf life of 4 - 5 months depending on the temperature and humidity of your location.  We encourage you to plan on purchasing a fresh jar on a regular basis.

Your skin will love it!


Made from the following healthy and natural ingredients (click on any ingredient to learn more about it):

Here are a sampling of reviews from real customers who purchased on Amazon or here on MaryAnnsNaturals.com.

From Rachel:

I love how much thought is put into this product! Safe ingredients, glass, accessible bottle, handcrafted attention, and a little bit goes a long way. Scent is great- smells just like it should. No artificial fragrances here (and thank goodness for that)! I have been buying for a while and will continue to do so. Great job and thank you for caring, Mary Ann!

 From Jane:

Very smooth and creamy; perfect for the delicate under-eye area! Non-irritating with a light, subtle scent.

 From J:

This feels wonderful on my skin and moisturizes well. You can tell it was made and packaged by hand and with care.

 From ST:

Love this! I swear the fine lines around my eyes are fading, but mostly I have very dry skin and this has been fantastic.

 From R:

This is my 2nd order of eye cream, I love the texture it is very creamy. I've used it all over my face as well.

 From Beth:

After using Mary Ann’s Eye Cream for almost three months, I am very pleased with it. I use it not just under my eyes but on my whole face. It absorbs nicely and works well on my combination skin. The dark circles under my eyes do not seem as pronounced either which makes me happy! What I really like is that it’s organic as I’ve been trying to get away from using so many chemicals in my skin care products.

 From Marie:

I am really enjoying this product! It is one of the few "natural" eye products on the market with genuinely real ingredients and no harmful chemicals.

From Mary:

I'll admit it, this was a trial run. I wasn't sure what to expect with this eye cream, but I have been so greatly pleased with it! The most amazing thing about using this, is waking up in the morning and my eyes are not baggy, not puffy, but GLOWING and REFRESHED! for reference, I'm low twenties and so I'm not looking for major eye damage control, just preventative measures and I have to say that Mary Ann's has delivered! I will keep on using this amazing product!

 From B:

This eyecream replaces my $70 eye cream. Equal if not better results. Pure ingredients and after nearly two weeks skin under my eyes appears smooth.

 From J:

Love, love, love it.

 From K.A.

Great product. Smells & feels wonderful

 From Darla:

Great product consistency great and no perfumes all natural . My favorite face and eye cream . Highly recommend it.

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